Sunday, 11 November 2012

Happy Birthday (And I baked a cake)

My beloved littlest sister is 12 years old already! How does time flies so fast is a question that I always repeat on a daily basis. And it also feels weird but exhilarating at the same time when I realize that it's senior year already and the national examination is only a few months away. Time does such funny things sometimes.

Anyway back to the topic of my sister's birthday, I decided to make a cake for her! Nothing too fancy because there's no sufficient amount of ingredients at my house, and only one layer of plain vanilla cake because I have not enough time (and pans to bake actually, how sad) to make more than one but oh well, I guess it turned out quite nicely for something I just spontaneously made. Plus, it's coated with a thick layer of nutella frosting and rainbow sprinkles!

This cake looks bad I know... My sister said she likes the cake and I only hope that it's true because there was this time when she ate the cake I made, complimented it, but ended up getting sick a few hours after..... I don't know why really.

Happy happy birthday 12 year old baby girlll we never have to say "I love you" to each other directly because we already know that, don't we?

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