Thursday, 14 February 2013

NYFW: Tadashi Shoji Fall/Winter 2013

NYFW is still going on but my eyes has gotten hooked on Tadashi Shoji's Fall/Winter 2013-14 RTW Runway Show, even though it was still day one of the Fashion Week. Wanted to talk about it since the day the show was held but school has been keeping me really busy lately hufft. And the bad news is, it'll still be going on until April and May D: Could be longer if I haven't gotten into a university yet by that time hufft let's go!

In this blog post I'm going to talk about the show and my opinions about it. Please note that I am not a stylist or fashion designer, nor do I have any expertise in this fashion business. Merely an enthusiast, expressing my opinion and point of view in something that I find interesting :)

So, this Runway Show is inspired by Mr. Tadashi's trip to Russia, and we can clearly see some Russian influences in the cut and color shades of the dresses. I personally think it is very elegant and lady-like, some designs I would love to try wearing myself! (But well, of course everyone wants to) If you want to watch the show, please do click HERE!

And these are pictures of some of my most favorite dresses from the show!

The cut of the dress! I love how it looks flow-y and big but still gives you a nice body shape. And those details at the skirt, EEP!
Them details at the top is sooo pretty And the material of the dress looks fabulous in the picture even though I personally don't really like that kind of material of clothing 

The details, simply in love with it. This dress is so simple yet beautiful at the same time

The color. Enough said about reasons why this is one of my most favorite from the show.

It's elegant, it's classy, it's black, and the high neck details are perfectly put together

I love how ROYAL this dress image is. And when you watch the show, it flows  beautifully when the model walks.  I personally think the puff sleeve detailing is a bit too much but it does adds more dimension to the dress

Put this one as the last because it is actually my most favorite! It won't be something that I would wear, but the cut of the dress, and the layered long skirt? Such a unique and pretty dress I'm in lve

You rock Mr. Tadashi!
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Whew I feel accomplished after making this post, and having so much fun scrolling through all of the collection's pictures! All in all, it is the detailing and lady-like images of the dress which got me hooked! Which one's your favorite dress? Do tell and share me your opinion

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