Saturday, 1 June 2013

Sometimes I Get Angsty

It's been quite a long time of no blogging, but I can let out a long breath and relax right now because the good news has come out. Yes, I got into my university of choice baby! And it takes so much tension off of me, I spent a few days doing nothing and starting my day at 2 PM instead of 7 AM (because I'm usually a morning person!)

These pictures was taken a few weeks ago, and I just had the mood to post it now because, well, the last few weeks wasn't a good time really. And I just happened to put on this black get-up when I feel a bit angsty inside.

And I lke how my edited pictures come out though! It doesn't look as angsty as it was anymore like the raw pictures. These pictures have more colors and cheerfulness inside, at least that's what I think! Haha

//The black t-shirt with lace sleeves is from a store in Hongdae, Korea, as well as the hat. Black leggings are from Uniqlo, cream patterned leggings from New Look, long black socks are from Uniqlo//

Taking these pictures has helped in distracting myself in some ways until I cool my head down to think more rationally.That's what I usually do when I face problems I guess, distracting myself until I get to think and act more organized to finish the problems with better methods. 

What do you usually do when you're faced with lots of problems?


  1. Great hat!

    I usually put some music on and relax,it clears my mind :)

  2. Love your hat
    Well i usually eat some chocolate and ice cream

  3. lovely hat ^^

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  4. I love your top :) those lace details on the sleeve is so lovely

    Love, rizuna

  5. great post, love the photos!

  6. love this simple outfit and the photos!

    style frontier

  7. You're so skinny- the raiments compliment your figure. I can't really focus on the outfit since your hair is kind of distracting the look. Should just tie it up and don the hat rather than just holding it in your hand. Just a personal opinion.

    Overall, I like the non-tacky outfit.

  8. Loving these pictures in your nice blog :)


  9. cute shirt :)

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    Miss Aa

  10. love your cap so muchh!

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  11. Love the photos and how you edited them! :)cute shirt<3

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  12. Congrats! Love the leggings :) when im stressed I just listen to music haha
    Btw i love your banner!!

  13. lovely hat dear ^^ when I have a lot of problems, I'd just sing it all away lol

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  14. Hey! :) sorry for the late reply, finally got around replying comments.

    Hmm well i have a few fav models but yeah, im more into outfits and pics. The haze here is definitely gone! Haha If you already went to Singapore now, hope you had a great time! it was GSS, so sales were CRAZY.

    thanks for commenting back :D

  15. super cooll!! nice blog <333
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  16. cool cap :D