Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hi! Hello! I'm good

It's 2014! And it's been more than a half a year of non-blogging for me! I've expected it, since my life in uni has just started and I want to focus on adapting and taking part in uni activities in my first semester. And now, my first semester has passed and winter break is almost over, I'm going to enroll in my 2nd semester in a few days!

Uni life has been good, it's so full of activities, which is tiring, but also fun and become such an experience that I wouldn't want to miss. I honestly think that maybe I didn't push my limit enough even though people said that I'm really busy. Got satisfactory results of my studies, and I'm determined to give it my all on my second semester as well!

I'm gonna try to post more, and edit my layout IF (and only if) I have time (which is unlikely, but I should try squeezing something in!)  Moreover, I want to try posting other things related to food life, and crafts or DIY. Should try generating some ideas and finding the willpower to do so first, though! Oh how I wish I'm an expert in CSS so that I could make pretty blog layouts!

Any goals in 2014? Preferably related to your blog outcome (or just life in general?)
Do let me know!


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